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Outreach Saterday October 22nd

Wider hearts outreach, This years event will be on October 22nd at Stanton Community Civic Center, 7800 Katella Ave., Stanton, CA.

The Wider Hearts Foundation was officially founded in 2013 by Mark and Bonnie Ziegler, and Samuel Namalabe. In 2011, while visiting Uganda with a colleague, Bonnie prayed that God would give her a project, a concrete way in which she could make a difference. She met Sam, a man who shared the vision to help people in rural Ugandan villages to attain self-sufficiency through raising goats. On this first trip the groundwork was laid to start “Hands UP” entrepreneurial projects which would give people a chance to help themselves and their neighbors.




Goat Project



Uganda Ranch Vision


Okay it’s time to get crazy and raise a little bit of money for Uganda, attached is a spreadsheet with the crazy vision to do crazy things.

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