Honoring God Through Giving.

A Christian Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Aiding those in Poverty through Self-Sufficiency Projects

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Why Mosquito nets?*

 Because malaria kills between 70,000 and 100,000 people every year in Uganda and $4.00 can save them.Mosquito net donation $4,00


Why Goats?:

Because owning a goat in that part of the world means your on your way out of poverty and on your way to independence.Because Goats are easy to care for because of their healthy immune systems and there is plentiful tall grasses to eat in the arias we place them. Goats also have a 5 month gestation period, and are weaned in 10 days.They can breed at just over 1 year of age and breed twice a year.Because goats are used for food and trade.

Goat donation buys one goat for$ 75.00  

* From the website of the Malaria Consortium: “It is estimated that malaria kills between 70,000 and 100,000 people every year in Uganda, the majority of which are children under the age of five; a death toll that far exceeds that of HIV/AIDS. Uganda has the third largest malaria burden in Africa; 90% of Uganda’s 29.4 million people are at risk from malaria.”

** A 15 acre farm and fencing would cost $10,000. It would decrease our startup cost and would eventually become a self-sustaining base of operations from which we could reach more people.

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